a place to share, to ask questions, and to learn more

If you’re the sort to ask why, or how, or you just want to share, then you’re definitely welcome here. Fork is mostly a community for people involved or interested in computers and technology, however we most certainly should not be limited to just that - just as all people should try to have many broad and diverse interests.

As a community we try to foster the hacker ethics, such as sharing and openness.

The fork project hosts software to aid in collaboration, discussion, education and creation. Right now we host a Discourse forum, an IRC server, a Hastebin instance and blog instances for users that want them. In the future we are looking to get some sort of git hosting and link aggregator going, with the Discourse forum as a discussion engine.

The IRC server can be found at irc.fork.sh:6697 and is SSL-only. The only active channel right now is #fork. A web client can be found here.

Every Fork user may ask for a free Ghost blog - such as this. These are full Ghost instances, and will be setup to automatically mirror posts to the forum. Users can then opt to embed the forum replies as comments to their blog!

As is right, the source for this site is open and available here. Please feel free to make a PR!